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Our commitment, ambition and devotion for swine raising, that started with only 2 pigs were the premise for a successful and productive route of Mitsopoulos Farm.

Loyal to our philosophy of maintaining our family-based structure, we managed, in the course of half a century, to develop, evolve and add new activities, thus creating a fully integrated company with modern production plants.

By applying innovative methods, moving ahead with professionalism and respect for the needs of the consumer for safe and quality products, we created the unique branded meat, selecting well-bred animals and designing products of exquisite taste.

Our know-how, our experience and constant investment in people have guided our development strategy, setting high goals for the future.

To ensure our progress, we constantly set ourselves new challenges, based on our ability to perceive the needs and requirements of our customers, thus building mutual relations of trust and respect.

Urged by the defence and the promotion of science, Greek livestock farming and hence the Greek economy, we create new eating habits by changing the culture in our way of eating.


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