Environmental Consciousness

  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental Consciousness

Existing and working in the nature of Greece, Mitsopoulos Farm always cares for saving natural resources and protecting the environment. Therefore, we stay loyal to our core values : “Human-Food-Quality of Life”.

  • Human

  • Food

  • Quality of life

For this reason the company:

-   Cultivates the effective consumption of energy and reduces the environment impact and pollution by handling animal waste.

-    Environmental policies and practices are incorporated into every activity, thus inducing the reduction of the environmental footprint.

-   We train and sensitize all our workers on environmental matters.

animal feed farma mitsopoulos

Animal Feed management

In Mitsopoulos Farm daily well-estimated animal feed is produced. Our experienced nutrition work hard to prepare a balanced diet for the animals and to evaluate the need of feed, with a goal to avoid the exaggerated production of it. This way ensuring the diminution of natural soils waste.

This is why a correct and balanced diet for the animals results not only in correct raising but also in less burdening of the soils with non-digested nitrogen and other trace elements found in feeds.

farma mitsopoulos monada adranopoihshs

Animal By-product management

The company owns animal by-products rendering plant of category 3.

The plant manages by-products from the slaughterhouse and meat cutting and uses them to produce feed for pets and biogas (bio-diesel), instead of just discarding them. 

The management of by-products is of course in accordance with European legislation, mainly aimed at the protection of the environment and public health.


Waste Management

The Biogas plant operated by Mitsopoulos Farm is one of the most technologically advanced plants for the management of livestock farming waste. Specifically, the operation of the plant protects the environment by:

-   Reducing the waste volume for the ground and converting it into valuable fertilizers.

-    Τη δραστική μείωση των εκπομπών αερίων ρύπων

-    Producing Biogas, a Renewable Energy Source.



Liquid waste management

The Biologic Sewage Treatment System is being applied in Mitsopoulos Farm with the environment protection goal.  The aim is to process liquid waste in such a way that the final product is water with quality equal to the rain water of the area. Thus, we can use this water for irrigation and to enrich the aquifer of the area, while saving large quantities of clean water that would normally be required. 


Safe Light Bulb Disposal & Batteries Recycling

Our company is well aware of the burden caused to the environment by wrong management of light bulbs after their use, so it has for years been cooperating with experts managing light bulb disposal. At regular intervals, we send all the light bulbs we have replaced for recycling, and do not burden our solid waste with the dangerous substances contained in these, increasing environmental benefits. However, besides light bulb recycling, every day we make an effort to contribute to battery recycling on a company and personal level. To raise the awareness of our staff in recycling materials, special battery recycling bins have been placed in the company. 


Paper Recycling

One of the highest goals for us in the field of environment protection is the reduction of paper use in the company. We have invested into implementation of electronic system that facilitated the internal communication between our employees. When dealing with carton boxes left after the transportation of the supplies, we forward them for recycling to a licensed-paper-recycling company. The last and the most important, concerning the supply of paper packages, a basic prerequisite of ours has been for many years, that they are made from recycled paper, also motivating our associates in this direction. 


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