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It all begins as raw materials and we know this well at “Mitsopoulos Farm”.

This is why we have selected the structure of an integrated organization that guarantees uninterrupted production of high-quality products and allows us to maintain control at all stages of production.

We strictly follow the most modern scientific methods for the breeding of the animals and ensure the high biological level of young breeders. When and where needed, we intervene so as to achieve better quality of the final products. In this way we attain control in all parts of production and we can be sure of the quality.

Mitsopoulos HAQ certification Mitsopoulos IFS certification

Our animals are bred in modern and totally controlled production plants, applying the strictest standards on their correct raising.

The same strict standards apply to the selection of the organic livestock farms, where the animals are bred with the same principles of organic farming, they grow up in a natural environment, in ideal conditions, and they are fed with organically certified animal feed. 


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